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Kitchen Installations and Remodels that work for you. 

Kitchen areas can be designed for movement and breathing. Sometimes a wall needs to be removed and sometimes a wall needs to be added to create the perfect area for cooking. Cabinets that outline an open area give the home’s residents maximum flexibility and meets their storage needs without effort. Inset, stainless stoves and refrigerators should capture the cabinet layout with blending lines only offset by color differences.

Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

Tracing back to 1700 BC on the Isle of Crete, faucets and sink basins are extremely important assets to your kitchen. Thanks to great inventors such as Albert Brown and Al Moen, we now have faucets and sink basins that feature all kinds of colors, shapes and materials. However, choosing a faucet or sink basin for your kitchen should not be based on look and color alone. Faucets and Sinks see a great amount of use. Albeit simple, turning on and off faucets and water beating the sink basin is arduous on the material they are made out of. The secret to choosing the perfect faucet or sink basins is to choose them for their durability.

Since the dawn of recorded time, we have been using stone in the preparation of our food. Imagining an open flame, a recent hunt and a surface to prepare is a far cry from our luxurious marble and stone counter tops we have today. Granite and Marble counter tops have what seems to be limitless options and styles. The simplicity of solid color stone or the intricate ways that granite and marble can have color run throughout them is at our fingertips and can make a kitchen incredible. In the counter top arena, the vast array of options rival our imagination and your kitchen is the winner.

The installation of a kitchen backsplash is a feature of a remodel that has a variety of options to choose from. Tile and metal are commonly used when deciding to install a backsplash. As the name implies, a backsplash helps to protect the wall behind it from grease stains, food stains and fire from cooking. When choosing which type of material to use for the backsplash in your kitchen, choose a material that is easy to clean such as ceramic tile or glass. Home owners have infinite choices when deciding which materials to use as a backsplash. This area of the kitchen is growing very popular and becoming the focal point of kitchens. A popular choice in Bucks County is to order tiles from the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works located in Doylestown, Pa

Kitchen Remodeling Checklist

  • Windows

  • Lighting

  • Paint Color

  • Appliances

  • Backsplash

  • Hutch

Kitchen Remodeling Possibilities

Often times, home owners want to understand what is possible during a kitchen remodel. The thought of removing a wall or dealing with moving electricity and the processes involved can be very overwhelming. A question that is often asked is: Can I really do that? The answer is yes. From the flooring to the ceiling, Andrew Beury Contracting is here to tell you that your home has unseen potential that we can unlock together. With 23 years of hands-on study on how to keep a home standing coupled with the safety standards to keep everyone safe during projects, we can do it right the first time.

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